One of the oldest and pioneering names in Data Science Training and Consulting. Founded in 2007 by Ajay Ohri, author of two books on R Programming  and one book on Python and one book on SAS. DecisionStats offers cutting edge programs in consulting and training in R, Python and SAS languages

Customized Data Science Training

  1. R for Data Science
  2. Python for Data Science
  3. Machine Learning for Data Scientists
  4. Basics of Linux and Command Line
  5. SQL for Data Scientists
  6. Excel for Analytics
  7. SAS for Data Science
  8. SAS for R Users

Customized Course Duration

  1. 1 Day Seminar -8 hours (for corporates only)
  2. 2 Day Workshop -10-12 hours
  3. 10 Day Bootcamp – 1 day /8 hours / week for 10 week
  4. 3 Month Bootcamp ( for students only)

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